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I have already said it, but I am stoked that you are here! You are here because you have been called to dig deep into the soul of your business and come out with a brand that represents its true essence. And I am here to help you do that.
Before we work together, I'm sure you want to get to know me a little bit more.

My past experience includes 15 years in the print and design industry, with a Bachelor's degree in Printing Sciences and an Associate's degree in Graphic Design. I spent 11 years of my life working as a in a print shop as a (people-pleasing worker bee) prepress technician, preparing artwork for print and designing marketing projects for customers and internally.


I knew I wanted the freedom of running my own business - to spend more time with my husband and three boys and do something that lights me up. So I freelanced on the side for 5 years while trying to launch a few different wedding stationery/graphic design businesses. I was laid off in March 2020 because of (you guessed it) Covid and amped up my efforts to start my solopreneur journey, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was frustrated, scared and lacked confidence in every aspect. I was relieved when I had to find a full time job.

Here's the boring part:
Here's the fun part:

While working my full time job (sitting under the life-sucking fluorescent lights and between the dull cubicle walls), I did a little self-reflection. I discovered Human Design and my Manifesting Generator tendencies, healed some inner child wounds, overcame imposter syndrome and had some mindset shifts.


I also learned as much as I could about brand strategy and how integral it is to establish this wayyyy before your logo is designed. The pull of business ownership resurfaced and Nurture Branding Co. was birthed into the world on July 2, 2022 (yes, my business shares the same birthday as me).


My new brand (strategy included) gave me the confidence to put myself out there, attract my soul-mate clients, shine my inner magic and grow to new heights I didn't think possible. This current branding is my second iteration as I have evolved so much in only 10 months - but the foundation is still the same.

I've worked with several clients looking for a brand and they come out with much more - confidence, clarity and alignment. And THIS is what lights me up. I feel it in my body when I get to work on designing brands - and that is how I know this is my purpose. And I want to create a brand for you that will allow you live your purpose and life you've dreamed of.

I am a lover of nature and creative design, a Soul Brander,  print nerd, #boymom & mompreneur (#chickenmom, too), and the wife a fish whisperer/delicious hash slinger (thank you for that little nugget). 

Sun sign: Cancer | Moon sign: Capricorn | Ascending Sign: Virgo

Human Design: 2/4 Manifesting Generator

Mountains or ocean: Mountains all the way

Coffee or tea: Dark coffee with lots of creamer

Favorite font at the moment: I'm really feeling Belarost

Favorite color: Teal (or PMS 425 for you fellow print/design nerds)

Kate in a nutshell:

Now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to get to know more about you and your business, even if it's just an idea! Let's grab a cup of coffee in-person or virtually and talk about all the things.

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